Election as DGFI Young Immunologist Board member

Proud to have our PhD student Laila been elected to the board of the Young Immunologists at the German Immunology Society of Immunology. Excited to see the next generation immunologists contribute to shaping the European immunology landscape.

August 2021

News on Myelin-oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease

Excited to share this huge team effort  on MOG-antibody associated disease now out in @Lancet Neurology. Thanks to @ECTRIMS for supporting this work. More work needed to elucidate MOGAD pathogenesis.

August 2021

Gut feeling yields evidence of microbial involvement in autoimmunity

Grateful to @Nature Outlook for featuring our work on microbiota-immune interactions in multiple sclerosis.

August 2021

Best oral presentation award for Laura

Congrats to master student Laura for having received the best oral presentation award at the Symposium of Biology Students in Europe (SymBioSE).

Well done, Laura!

August 2021

DAAD-PROMOS Fellowship for MD doctoral student Miriam

Congrats to MD doctoral student Miriam from the University of Giessen, Germany, for having been awarded a DAAD-PROMOS Fellowship for her MD doctoral thesis in the lab.

Excited to have you in the team!

July 2021

New study from the lab revealing presence of SARS-CoV-2 transcripts in the choroid plexus of MS and non-MS COVID-19 brains published in Neurology Neuroimmunology Neuroinflammation 

Congrats to master student Vidmante, Laila and Luc as well as our collaborators @schirmerlab and Neuropathology Basel for this team effort suggesting the choroid plexus as a key constraint for SARS-CoV-2 entry into the CNS.

Please find the link to our study and the press release.

January 2021

Study identifying neddylation as a possible novel therapeutic target in MS published in Brain

Just in time to finish 2020, our study identifying neddylation as a potential novel therapeutic in MS came out in Brain today. Grateful to all collaborators at UCSF and Uni Heidelberg.

Please find the link to our study and the YouTube feature.

December 2020

Goldschmidt-Jacobson Bed-to-Bench for Top Clinician Fellowship awarded to Anne-Katrin

Anne-Katrin has received this year's Bed-to-Bench for Top Clinician Fellowship from the Goldschmidt-Jacobson Stiftung providing generous funding for the Pröbstel Lab for the next 3 years. Anne-Katrin and the whole Pröbstel Lab are grateful for the support and are very excited for the work that lies ahead.

December 2020

New findings on IgA B cells published in Science Immunology

We are excited to see the study identifying gut microbiota-specific IgA B cells in the inflamed CNS led by Anne-Katrin an collaborators at Uni Basel, UCSF, University of Mannheim, University of Toronto and others published in Science Immunology.

Link to the press release and study.

November 2020

SNF Eccellenza Professorship awarded to Anne-Katrin

Anne-Katrin has been awarded one of the prestigious 5-year SNF Eccellenza professorial fellowships which comes along with an Assistant Professor appointment at the University of Basel. The Pröbstel lab is grateful for the generous funding and we are all thrilled to continue deciphering the diverse role of B cells during neuroinflammation.

Links to the press release from the SNF and the Uni Basel release can.

November 2020

Pilot grant received from the ProPatient Stiftung

The Pröbstel lab has received a pilot grant from the Propatient Stiftung for their work on gut microbiota-immune interaction in multiple sclerosis patients. We are very grateful for the generous support.

More details can be found here.

November 2020

Ellermann-Award for Anne-Katrin

Anne-Katrin has been awarded the prestigious Ellermann Award from the Swiss Neurological Society for her work on the role of B cells and antibodies and the influence of gut microbiota on immune cells in multiple sclerosis. The award, given every two years for the seventeenth time this year, is endowed with 20’000 CHF. The award ceremony will took place virtually on November 20 during the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Neurological Society. The Pröbstel lab is very proud!

Link to the press release here.

November 2020

Swiss-European Mobility fellowship for Vidmante

Vidmante has received a fellowship from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme  to pursue her master thesis in our lab. Congratulations, Vidmante!

June 2020

Master student fellowship for Laila

Laila has been awarded a travel grant from the University of Amsterdam and a Norwegian Award for academic excellence studying abroad to pursue her master thesis in our lab. Congrats, Laila!

January 2020

Swiss Government Excellence Fellowship and ECTRIMS Clinical Fellowship for Ana

Ana has been awarded two very prestigious fellowships for her research project on B cells and antibodies in patients with anti-MOG antibody associated disease. Congratulations! We are thrilled to have her join our lab later this year coming all the way from Brasil. 

January 2020

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